How does a spray tan work?

The ingredient that tans your skin is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a color less sugar that interacts with dead skin cells to create the tanned color. The DHA causes a chemical reaction with the proteins in the outer most layers of the skin, which causes the color of the skin to change, producing a beautiful natural tan.
A spray tan does not dye the skin; the immediate color you see when your tan is applied is a color guide or bronzer that helps the technician not miss any sections and allows you to instantly see your tan. The DHA starts to react with the skin within 1 hours of the tan application and continues to do so for a total of 8 hours. A spray gun is used to spray a combination of air and tanning solution directly onto the skin, which dries almost immediately. In less than 15 minutes you can have a flawless tan that will develop over the next 4 to 82 hours.

Is our tanning solution safe to use?

Our exclusive proprietary tanning solution has been extensively tested and is very safe and all skin types.  Most other tanning solutions are loaded with toxic ingredients that absorb directly into your skin and can cause health problems.  Our Solution is a cosmeceutical tanning solution that is safe and does not contain any harmful chemicals, perfumes, alcohol, additives, or dyes.

How soon will I see the tanning result?

You will receive an immediate, all natural looking tan that will continue to develop and become darker over the next 6 to 12 hours.

Will a spray tan cause freckles in people who usually freckle when tanning?

No. There is nothing in the tanning solution that will cause more freckles to break out. In fact, in most cases, freckles and blemishes will become less pronounced because the lighter skin areas will darken and reduce the color differentiation between the blemishes and the rest of the skin.

How long will my Spray Tan last?

There are a number of factors that affect how long a tan will last. Preparation and aftercare is very important if you want to extend the life of your tan. This means exfoliating before hand and moisturizing afterwards. Depending on your skin type and how each solution reacts with your skin your tan can last any where from 5-10 days on average.

How long should I wait after a tanning session before showering?

To give your spray tan enough time to fully develop, it is recommended waiting a minimum of 6 hours after tanning (unless otherwise instructed). Showering sooner may diminish the intensity of the tan.

Will swimming affect my spray tan?

Swimming in chlorinated water or salt water will fade your tan and can cause possible streaking. When swimming try to only go for short dips and rinse off in fresh water afterwards.

Should I shave or wax before or after I get my spray tan?

Whether you shave or wax is completely up to you, both should be done before the application of the tan. Ideally shaving should be done at least 8 hours before and waxing at least the day before. When waxing ensures that all wax is removed otherwise the tan will stick to the wax and will appear very dark where the wax has not been removed. Shaving after the application will take off some of your tan, so shave on when you really need to and ensure that your blade is sharp.

My skin never tans! Will a spray tan work on my skin?

Yes it will defiantly work on your skin! On very fair skin we will apply a very light spray if you are concerned about going to dark or getting an orange hue.

Is your spray tanning the same as air brush tanning?

Although the equipment is similar, Our System uses a high volume – low pressure technology application that will ensure your tan is applied evenly and properly. Our System is much more sophisticated than air brush technology and covers the clients body much more effectively. Our state of the art equipment will eliminate excessive over spraying and allows the solution to dry very quickly allowing a client to return to normal activities.

Will I turn yellow or orange?

No, our solution tans each client to there natural tan color.  Our tanning solution does not contain the chemicals and dyes that many tanning companies have added into their spray’s.  These  chemicals and dyes are the source of the off color that you can sometimes see with other sprays; not with ours.  Our proprietary formulas were created with natural ingredients to a create a beautiful warm bronze glow for every client.

Does a spray tan provide SPF protection?

No although your skin looks like it is well protected spray tans do not mean that you will not get burnt. It is very important to remember to use a sunscreen with SPF to prevent sun damage.

How do I prepare for a Spray Tan session?

For the maximum result, before your session, shower and exfoliate the skin. Make sure your skin is free of perfumes, lotions, oils, deodorants, gels or any product on the skin that would create a barrier or cause the tan to develop unevenly and remove all jewelry.

What should I wear?

You may wear whatever you feel comfortable in whether you wear nothing, underwear, a g-string or your swimming costume is completely up to you. You may also want to take into account clothing that you will be wearing over the next few days. For example if you are getting a tan for and want to wear a bra, then think about the style of dress you will be wearing such as a strapless dress in this circumstance if you want to wear a bra we would recommend a strapless bra to avoid tan lines.  Ensure any clothing that is worn immediately after the application of the tan is dark in color to prevent the risk of staining it. After your tan wear loose preferably cotton clothing.

Will a spray tan ruin light clothing such as a wedding dress?

No, the tan will not ruin any light clothing but ensure that you have the tan applied the day before you intend to wear any light colored clothing. Also remember to shower twice to ensure that all the bronzer has washed off.