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About Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are one of the most widely used hair addition methods in the industry. There are a number of different hair extension products and techniques that add incredible volume and length to your natural hair. The technique I use is a Micro cylinder hair technique. Using 100% Remy Human hair (Indian, Ukrainian, and European). Very little maintenance is necessary!

Hair Extensions are not uncommon and have been widely used by a number of high profile celebrities.

About Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are a break through in hair technology; they are no ordinary hair extensions are made of the finest virgin European hair so they can be styled permed and colored allowing you to treat them exactly as you would your own natural hair.

Dreamcatchers hair extensions are re-useable and readjusted every 4-6 weeks. Dreamcatchers are meant to be a hairstyle for life.

Dreamcatchers does not use any damaging glues, waxes, chemicals, or weaves, as do most other hair extension systems.

After many years of research Dreamcatchers has established the ultimate method of attachment using a Micro cylinder technology, which protects hair from any undue stress or damage.

Using a micro cylinder, a small strand of your hair is threaded through the cylinder and the silicone tipped hair extension strand is inserted into the micro cylinder it is then secured by using a tool to crimp the cylinder, securing the bond between your hair and the hair extension. A re-adjustment is then needed after 4-6 weeks growth cycle, your Dreamcatchers hair extension specialist will use a tool to re-open the micro cylinder, sliding the cylinder back up and using the special tool to re-crimp the cylinder securing it once again.

Adjustments/Maintenance should be done every 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows and how you care for them.

Types Of Hair

  • Indian
  • European
  • Combinations of 1-2 blends
  • 100% Remy Hair


Ada is the best. She has been doing my lashes since July and she is an absolute artist! She is absolutely gorgeous herself, a former Ford model, and a seasoned beauty expert. Ada can transform your eyes into a showpiece. I highly recommend her services!!!

Jennifer Loizzo

I went before my wedding to get eyelash extensions. It was amazing how good they looked without looking fake. I get compliments all the time from people who think I just have amazing eyelashes naturally. I have also noticed that my eyes are less irritated because I am not wearing mascara anymore. So people who tend to have issues with mascara eyelash extensions are a great option. Ada really does a fantastic job and anyone who is considering eyelash extensions should definitely book with her. They won’t be disappointed.


What a eye opener!…..Literally. After having Ada apply the lashes, friends whom i haven’t seen in awhile, couldn’t get over how great i looked. Some thought i have got an eyelift others asked who did my botox lol. The technique, which Ada uses, applying each lash individually, provides an amazing result, leaving your lashes looking very natural. The whole experience was very pleasant, in fact there were few times I had actually fallen asleep. I have been getting my lashes done by Ada for over two years now and I wouldn’t let anybody else near my lashes. She is a PRO!Thanks to Ada i also get top of the line hair extensions. Once again i couldn’t be happier with her services. The way Ada is able to blend in my natural hair with the hair extension is truly an art. i would recommend her to anybody that wants to look fabulous and won’t settle for anything less than perfection.


My experience with Ada was phenomena She truly understands the Art of Extension. I had eyelash and hair extensions done and they were both so natural and undetectable!! My closest friends graciously complimented me without even realizing I had any work done! My hair is fuller and more vibrant and my eyelashes are subtle but oh so sexy!!

It is the best beauty investment I have made in years. My hair extensions are well balanced throughout my scalp, the color is just right and requires little maintenance. I would recommend Ada Lashes-n-Locks to anyone who is looking to have a hair and eyelash extensions by an experienced professional. My search is over and yours should be too!

Syndia R

After getting my first eyelash extension for my wedding in France, I needed to find the perfect spot for touch-ups. I was so amazed with Ada’s service that I haven’t taken them off in almost 6 months now… Don’t think I can ever live with my regular eye lash anymore, can’t get sick of being perfectly eyed as early as 6:00 a.m. – A must!


For gorgeous hair extensions, Ada is the absolute best in the entire NYC area. I have been a client of Ada’s for several months, and I could not be happier. Ada is like an architect who builds layers, and depth to create dramatic and quality blended hair extensions that look so natural. I highly recommend Ada’s extension services! Deborah elevenelevenllc.com


Natural Feel & Wear

When professionally and properly applied, you cannot feel any difference after having your lashes enhanced with high quality lash extensions.

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