eyelash extensions after care

First 48 Hours

Do not spray tan, do not steam face, use steam bath, swim or wash lashes with hot water for 2 days after the Eyelash Extension procedure as the adhesive takes 48 hours to set and the sealer needs 10 hours to cure.

Do not allow any water to come in contact with you new Eyelash Extensions for 48 hours after the procedure.

Daily Care

  • Do Not rub your eyes or pull on your extensions. These actions can provoke the premature extension falling off and cause damage to the natural eyelash.
  • Try not to sleep on your lashes changing habit to sleep on your back will also help prevent appearance of facial wrinkles.
  • Do use only water -soluble mascara (Not Waterproof Mascara) on the tips if you want a more dramatic effect. Note that use of mascara is really not necessary with extensions and may shorten their life span.
  • Do not use oily products, mascara remover, lash curlers, lash perms or waterproof mascara on your lashes.
  • Natural skin oils, rubbing, scratching and pulling lashes will shorten the life of your extensions.
  • Any cosmetic product or cleanser containing glycols such as PEG (PolyethyleneGlycol), Hexalene Glycol, Butylene or Propylene Glycol should be avoided.Glycol and alcohol containing products such as these can potentially break down the adhesive bond and shorten the duration time the extensions stay on..

How often should I get touch-ups ?

  • Every three weeks is recommended for a lash retouch.
  • Your natural lashes have an approximate 100 day life span. When a natural lash sheds, it is replaced with the growth of new eyelash. A re-lash is recommended to replace any lost extensions due to your natural life cycle.

Common reasons lashes fall off

  • Natural lash shedding
  • Excessive rubbing
  • Exposure to heat or steaming to frequently
  • Improper care with the first 2 days
  • Use of oily products or makeup remover directly on eyelashes