Do Tweezed Hairs Grow Back?

The answer is yes and no. Tweezed eyebrow hairs can grow back but this doesn’t happen overnight. Hairs on different parts of the body have variable rates of growth. It takes about 64 days for eyebrow hair to grow back after they are tweezed. However, the length of time can be longer if the hair or hairs you want to grow back are in their resting phase. At any given time, 90% of the hair on your body is in a resting phase where it has stops growing, falls out, and then starts growing again. If that’s the case (and there is no way to know which hairs are in the resting phase and which aren’t), then the length of time can be far greater, so you need to be patient. There is an exception to this: if you have been tweezing the same area for a long time it may be too late. Eyebrow hair is very sensitive to injury. Repeated tweezing can permanently damage the hair root, which will prevent the hair from ever growing back.The average number of days it takes for hair to fully grow back after being tweezed from various parts of the body are 129 days for the scalp, 123 for under arm, 121 for the thigh, 92 for the chin, and 64 for the eyebrows. Unfortunately for women, hairs of the scalp regenerate more quickly for males than females, but hairs of the under arm and thigh regenerate more quickly in females than males.