Different methods for shaping eyebrows:


Tweezing your eyebrows with a tweezer is the easiest way to remove hair. This method is best for maintaining and grooming your brow shape. If your get your brows done professionally and within a few days you see few hair growing back then its very easy to tweeze them at home. The best time to tweeze is after shower. Your pores are open and make it easier to remove hair. Remove only a line of hair not more than that.


Waxing is ideal for bushy or thick brows. This method is also used for very fine or frizzy hair that’s hard to tweeze. It involves applying a thin layer of hot or cold wax on unwanted hair. A paper or cloth strip is placed on it and rapidly pulled off. It pulls off hair from follicle. It is best for defining arches and removing hair from the brow bone. Avoid this method if you have sensitive skin because it involves stretching and pulling skin especially around the eye area.


It’s a centuries old technique originating from the Middle East and South Asia. Cotton thread is used for removing hair. The thread is twisted into a loop and rolled on skin very quickly. Hair gets trapped into the loop and the fast action pulls hair from roots. Since it removes hair from the follicle so it’s a long lasting hair removal technique.

Eyebrow threading removes a line of hair all at once giving your brows a more defined look. Usually, it takes three to four weeks for hair to grow back. This technique is slightly tricky and requires a lot of practice to get complete control of thread. You can learn this and save a lot of money by threading your eyebrows at home because all you need is only thread.

It is best for sensitive skin because no chemicals are used and the skin is not affected unlike waxing. It may be uncomfortable for a few seconds. For many, its less painful than waxing.